Using ApneaStrip™ To Screen For Obstructive Sleep Apnea

What ApneaStrip™ Does

ApneaStrip™ is an easy to use, disposable home screening device that detects the risk of sleep apnea in adults. It is FDA approved as a prescription only device.

ApneaStrip™ is a screening device only. It does not diagnose or treat obstructive sleep apnea. If obstructive sleep apnea is indicated, your health care professional should discuss next steps with you, and may recommend an in-lab or home sleep test to diagnose and determine the severity of your obstructive sleep apnea.

Using ApneaStrip™

  • If you are showing signs or symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea, a health care professional prescribes ApneaStrip™ (available at select pharmacies and healthcare providers). The cost is typically less than $30.00.
  • ApneaStrip™ is self-contained and requires no connection to any other device or a power source. The operating instructions are simple and easy to follow:
    1. Clean your face and remove facial hair if necessary
    2. Activate the device by pressing the activation button
    3. Remove the protective backing from the device
    4. Put the device in place, with nose prongs inside your nostrils and mouth prong in front of your mouth
    5. Sleep with ApneaStrip™ in place for at least 3 hours
    6. Upon rising, double click the activation button on the device and an LED indicator will show you the results:
      • A green flashing light indicating low risk of sleep apnea
      • A red flashing light indicating a high risk of sleep apnea
    7. Contact the health care professional who prescribed the device to review the results and, if necessary, discuss next steps.

Download a pdf of the complete instruction manual here.

imageThe Advantages Of Using ApneaStrip™

ApneaStrip™ is the only disposable in-home apnea screener that:

  • Is easy to use in your own home
  • Provides results directly to after use that you can share with your health care professional
  • Gives you an objective indication of your risk for sleep apnea
  • Is available at your local pharmacy with a prescription
  • Is a one-piece, completely disposable device
  • Offers highly accurate assessment of your sleep apnea risk the very next morning

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